News, Weymouth Lifeboats

Mon 14 December 20

Pop up RNLI shop


The one day only, RNLI pop up shop which was held at The T Shop on Trinity Rd on Saturday 5th December, selling only Christmas cards and calendars was a great success in raising vital funds for the RNLI. The RNLI has had its income devastated this year due to inability to hold fund raising events and has left the charity dedicated to saving lives at sea millions of pounds short of its needs. So this little event has meant a lot.
Teresa Drage, Chairperson of the Fundraising Team, said,” I would like to take this opportunity to say A Big Thank you to Jan and Dave Mitchell from The T Shop for doing the Pop Up Shop last Saturday, and who raised £293.50 on Cards and Calendars with £38.55 on Donations.
I also want to thank little Evie Chambers for her homemade Christmas cards which made £12.00 and one of my volunteers who has been making masks which raised £33.50.
I also want to thank the public who came along to buy the cards and calendars, your support is much appreciated, many thanks to you all.”