News, Weymouth Lifeboats

Tue 10 October 17

School continues to support Weymouth RNLI lifeboat


On a visit to Weymouth RNLI lifeboat station on Tuesday 10th October, Shelia Berry a teacher at Quainton Hall School, an Independent preparatory school in Harrow, has presented Weymouth RNLI lifeboat with a cheque for £1,295.
The money was raised at the school by cake sales and a charity breakfast, Shelia also said the lifeboat station should be receiving several more donations from students she is teaching piano lessons to (in lieu of fees).
The school has had a long association with Weymouth lifeboat station for many years and has donated several large sums of money to the station.
Teachers, pupils and friends have visited the station several times over the years with members of the lifeboat station also going to the school.