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Thu 26 November 20

Sea dog tall tales - Various Seadogs


Local charter boat skipper Paul Whittall whose book, ‘Army Brat to Seadog’ which he had published through Amazon and tells the story of his life from being a child of an army father, moving around the world, to becoming the skipper of the charter boat ‘Offshore Rebel’ has already raised money for the RNLI has written a follow up book
Incorporated in the first book were some tales/stories and memories that came from a Face Book page ‘Sea-dog Tall Tales’ that he set up for the fisherman and others of the marine industry.
Following the huge amount of tall tales, stories and anecdotes that had been posted on the Face Book page he has written another book, Various Seadogs, which is available from Amazon for £7.53.
Sea- Dogs Tall Tales – Various Seadogs, the e book and the paperback version is to be published by Tuesday (24 Nov 2020)….so just in time for a Xmas present!!
Over 50 of Paul Whittall’s sea dog friends contributed with some superb stories and memories. Paul said; ‘Well done to everyone who contributed and I’m sure this is a book you will all enjoy. Thanks everyone for your efforts and be sure that the proceeds from the new book, YOUR book, will go to the RNLI.