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Fri 21 April 17

Weymouth Inshore Lifeboat - Atlantic 85


Weymouth Inshore Lifeboat
Following the latest five year coastal review which the RNLI carries out, it has been confirmed that Weymouth Inshore Lifeboat, currently an Atlantic 75 from the relief fleet, will be replaced with a state of the art Atlantic 85, although no date has as yet been confirmed.

The Atlantic 85 is a bigger and faster version of the Atlantic 75 which has been stationed at Weymouth for a number of years; the versatile RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat) has a crew of 4 compared to the 3 crew of the 75. It comes with built in electronic navigation charts and radar as well as radio and first aid kit. Like all lifeboats it has the ability to be righted if it should capsize.

Last year the Inshore Lifeboat launched 41 times.
There are two types of B class lifeboat – the Atlantic 75 and the Atlantic 85 – named after Atlantic College in Wales where these rigid inflatable lifeboats (RIBs) were first developed. 75 and 85 represent the lengths of the lifeboats – nearly 7.5m and 8.5m respectively.

Introduced into the fleet in 2005, the Atlantic 85 is the third generation of B class lifeboat and is gradually replacing the Atlantic 75. The Atlantic 75 lifeboat joined the fleet in 1993, replacing the very first B class rigid inflatable lifeboat – the Atlantic 21 – which served from 1972 until 2008.